Educate – Encourage – Empower

We truly believe that when you know better you will do better. Personal safety is a choice and HMHH wants to make it’s resources available to all, regardless of social or economic hardship. WHY…because we care about you!

About HMHH

Help Me Help Her, Inc. (hereinafter HMHH), will focus its primary activities on offering interactive seminars and clinics, nationally, to educate and teach self-defense strategies for everyday safety and security. These seminars will convene in venues such as high schools, community colleges, university’s, and interested corporate and small business work places. The subject matter will include domestic violence, stalking, rape, workplace violence, human trafficking, and so much more. HMHH will promote foremost a preventative vs. reactive approach in all of the self-defense situations.The mission is to educate and promote self defense skills that will unite women in the cause against victim-hood through HMHH’s activities. Additionally, HMHH will offer a variety of educational seminars available through its on-line website, with links to associated areas of interest covering the above referenced topics.

HMHH will be fully donor funded from their tax deductible charitable donations.

Because we are all worth protecting!


Our Creed

We will always represent ourselves with integrity.

We will respond to inquiries with facts, honesty and not conjecture.

We will stand united with respect and honor for the love of women and our country.

We will continue to raise awareness and always look for new and innovative ways to deliver the safety message.

Meet our Leadership

Vicki Kawelmacher

Vicki Kawelmacher

Founder, HMHH
Sue Foltz

Sue Foltz

Director of Developement
Kari Boss

Kari Boss

Director of Marketing