Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins

Speaker / Activist

“My case is not rare.  Currently, 1 in 4 women are raped during college.  What is rare is that I am talking about it and trying to allow women to effectively defend themselves and preserve their livelihood. I am One Woman, with One Voice! Join us today.”

– Amanda Collins

“Amanda’s Law” is currently before the Nevada State Legislature

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Amanda’s Story

During my fourth year of attending the University of Nevada Reno I was raped at gunpoint on the ground floor of a parking garage on campus on my way home from a night class.  I was on the same floor the university police had parked their cruisers for the night, less than 50ft away from their office.  My attack was at 10pm, the police offices had closed at 6pm and as my life was hanging by the thread of a trigger pull, I knew- NO ONE was coming for me.  Thirteen months after my attack my rapist was captured by the Reno Police Department and the face that had haunted my nightmares had a name, James Biela.  Mr. Biela would later be tried and convicted in the District Court for not only raping me at gunpoint but for the kidnap and rape of a second woman as well as the rape and murder of Brianna Denison.

At the time of my attack I had obtained my concealed carry weapons permit, unfortunately I didn’t have my firearm with me that night because it was and is still illegal to carry a weapon on  university campuses across most states in our country. The current law effectively legislated me into being a victim by stripping me of the equalizer I choose to use to defend my body and my life.  Had I been carrying my weapon that night, I would have been able to stop my attack in progress and as a result two other rapes would have been prevented and a young life would have been saved.


Amanda’s Law

It is not a matter of IF the next James Biela will come onto a University Campus it is a reality of WHEN the next James Biela will be caught.  Every year 3,000 rapes are REPORTED on our University campuses, so many more go unreported.  It is my goal to get Amanda’s Law passed in every state across the USA.  Our safety is our RESPONSIBILITY and we should not be mandated to hand that over to a third party due to an arbitrary line.  Amanda’s Law will allow law abiding women and men to carry their permitted concealed weapon on University Campuses.