One woman can make a difference; many women can start a movement – Vicki Kawlemacher

  • First and Foremost... BE AWARE

    It’s the first thing you can do, the simplest, and the MOST important, keep your head where your feet are. Awareness and mindset will always be your first line of defense when it comes to your personal safety. Educate your self and know the true statistics…only then can you make an informed decision to protect yourself and those you love. Personal safety is a choice and at HMHH we are committed to helping you develop your personal plan.

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    Help Me Help Her was started as a grass-roots organization by women for women. We work hard to support your choices and inform you of the critical issues that are facing us. Like Us on Facebook and then sign-up for our email newsletter. HMHH has several ways for you to stay connected with what is going on in our nation with regard to self-protection issues.

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  • Sponsor a Speaking Engagement

    HMHH’s Leadership Team  is comprised of passionate and informed women! Their experiences as mothers, instructors, wives, daughters, friends and more are a priceless resource in helping to empower women to consider their options for self protection. One important way to get the word out is to sponsor a speaking engagement or host a seminar in your community. Our team is available and ready to talk to you today, what are you waiting for? Please consider sponsoring and organizing a presentation today. Contact us for more information.

  • Support HMHH With a Donation

    At Help Me Help Her we know that there is power when everyday men and women come together, get behind a cause and stand united. We are not asking for a few people to give a lot, but rather a lot of people to give what they can.  Together we can raise the funds necessary to begin changing the climate in this country and protecting our rights to effective self defense. Please help us make a difference today.