Send your stories!

As the week comes to an end I just want to say: You folks are awesome. Your encouragement and support is refreshing. I am so TIRED of the wrong messages being circulated in the media and other platforms regarding how and why we choose to defend ourselves.

When my daughter was 10 years old two men attempted to abduct her. Had she been kidnapped that day the police would have been here within minutes and the news media would have probably grabbed hold of the story. My daughter escaped her attackers so the police did not come and the media was not interested in the story. I’ll tell you about how I almost lost my son another time.

Ladies and gents, I am ready for your personal stories. Has something tragic happened to you or someone you love. Did you have the means to defend yourself or were you defenseless?

All submissions become the property of HMHH. Send your letters via email to: Be sure to include a contact phone number. A photo is optional. All stories must be true.