Johana’s Story

My name is Johana Kawelmacher; I’m the daughter of Vicki Kawelmacher. My mom has always taught me to be aware of my surroundings. This advice helped me seven years ago when I was ten years old. In an instant, I was the target of child abduction; fortunately I got away before they could throw me […]

Kim’s Story

I just read your post about your daughter almost being abducted when she was 10 and I have to say I can totally relate… the 10 year old myself. This was back in 1979 or 1980 and I was about 10.  My grandparents lived only a few miles away from our home and I went […]

NRA Woman Vicki Kawelmacher New Energy Trailer

After her daughter was nearly abducted, Vicki opened The Women’s Shooting Academy to “educate, encourage and empower” women. This firearms instructor strongly believes every woman is responsible for her own personal safety, and offers free classes to any woman with a signed protective order. See the entire episode at:…

Send your stories!

As the week comes to an end I just want to say: You folks are awesome. Your encouragement and support is refreshing. I am so TIRED of the wrong messages being circulated in the media and other platforms regarding how and why we choose to defend ourselves. When my daughter was 10 years old two […]