Vicki Kawelmacher

Vicki Kawelmacher

Founder, HMHH

“The greatest gift you give those who love you is when you can take care of yourself. You are loved, valued and worth protecting.”

– Vicki Kawelmacher

About Vicki

Vicki  values her family, her freedom, her rights and her safety. Vicki’s story and her messages are not about what she does; they have become who she is.

What propelled Vicki to become a staunch supporter of personal safety was a series of events that began in 2004. Vicki and her husband were accosted while sitting on a beach. In 2007, their ten-year old daughter barely escaped an abduction in their ‘kid-friendly’ neighborhood. In 2008, their 28-year old son was a victim of a home invasion he barely survived. Were these incidents sheer coincidences or signs of a calling?

Vicki’s hopes to foster the WARRIOR within every woman and teach them the gift of self-preservation.

As the founder of Help Me Help Her I am excited, excited to meet many of you in the coming months. It’s time to tell your stories, show your faces and listen to your voices. The voices of women across this country, that’s you, that’s me, that’s all women who believe their right to protect themselves and their family are in jeopardy.