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Nearly 3 hours of online
training and education

" Hands down, the absolute best online course I have ever taken. I feel confident and so empowered. I am finally ready to move forward. Thank you" -Natalie B. 

Introduction to Handguns

You are ABSOLUTELY in the right place. Ladies Introduction to Handguns is the perfect place to start whether you are brand new to firearms or simply looking for a refresher course.

Everything you ever wanted to know about a handgun and so much more. Here are just a few of the topics covered.


  • Introduction to Pistol Safety, Parts and Operation

  • Introduction to Ammunition and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

  • Pistol Cleaning, Storage, Range Commands and Procedures

  • Loading, Unloading, Cocking, Decocking, Single Action vs Double Action and so much more...

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Training today makes for a safer tomorrow

Kari shares her
personal experience

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