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In her own words...

Writing by the Water

I had been interested in firearms for several years, but I have tiny hands and problems with my joints. No matter how many different classes I took, and no matter how many different handguns were passed around the classroom, I was never able to find the right one for myself. None of the instructors seemed to have the patience to give me the individualized help I needed.


I had just about given up on the idea of having fun shooting at targets or defending myself with a gun.


Then, about four months ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and noticed an advertisement for the "Help Me Help Her" Women's Shooting Academy. I was intrigued by the idea of an Intro to Handguns class that I could download and watch online. I enjoyed the class immensely and watched several segments over and over again to make sure the information stuck. Vicki had mentioned during the class that she was available to meet women at a shooting range and give them the individualized help they couldn't get elsewhere. I signed up immediately.


The main question I had was, "Which handgun is right for me?" I asked Vicki to bring a selection of handguns and allow me to shoot each one. I tried half a dozen handguns that day, from a revolver to a 9mm. The only one I could shoot without pain in my hands was the Ruger SR-22.


When I arrived at the gun store to buy one, the shop assistants pooh-poohed my choice. "That one isn't good for self-defense," they said. But shooting with Vicki gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and say, "That's the only gun I can shoot without pain." The result is that I have a gun that I love and can shoot well. 


I met Vicki at the range once again to practice with my own gun. She helped me figure out how to load the magazine and how to clear a jam. I learned that I'm a one-handed, right-handed shooter. I learned how to diagnose aiming problems - when the bullet ends up above, below, or to the left or right of the bullseye, I can refer to the book she wrote to find the solution. And now I have the confidence to go to the range by myself.


Vicki is the best possible instructor for women who want to learn how to shoot, but need one-on-one instruction. She's patient and cheerful, and she makes the lessons fun.

-Karen I.

I have been wanting to take a gun safety and shooting class for years. Although I was raised in a family of professional hunters, guns always made me a little nervous. This year, my husband bought me a new Glock 9mm as a gift. There was no way I was going to handle the gun without proper training, and a friend recommended Vicki Kawelmacher with


The first step was completing her “Introduction to Handguns” online course (it is offered as a hosted in person class as well). The class was comprehensive and equipped me with the basic knowledge needed for the next step – the live shooting class. Vicki arranged a time for in person live shooting instruction. By the time we finished, my apprehension of handling guns was replaced by excitement of knowing how to safely use my Glock.


If you are considering taking a class from Vicki, whether it be for gun or personal safety, do not hesitate. Sign up. She is engaging, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about the subject matter.

-Mary B.

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