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"Empowerment ensures women's safety; knowledge is their shield and sword."

Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude,

and a lady with class.

Empowerment and awareness safeguard
women's lives; unity strengthens our resolve.

I'm worth protecting

Safety Hour New 1.png

This just might be the

ONE HOUR that saves your life

Discover "The Safety Hour," an extraordinary workshop that has garnered praise from women everywhere. This unique and interactive session lasts for 90 minutes and is designed to address various aspects of personal safety. Whether in a corporate or casual setting, this fast-paced workshop covers essential topics to empower and protect you.


Prepare to be amazed by Vicki's exceptional presentation, exclusively tailored for women. Through practical solutions and invaluable insights, she will equip you with the tools to stay safe and find peace of mind in an increasingly uncertain world. Vicki's captivating story will undoubtedly reveal her unwavering passion for personal safety, making this experience unlike any other you've encountered.

The Safety Hour Workshop

  Always a FREE event  

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