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College Safety Tips

Don't live in fear but always live prepared and ready for the unexpected...

"Empowering women in college goes beyond textbooks; it's about fostering an environment where safety is paramount. Let our campuses be spaces where knowledge thrives, and women feel secure to pursue their dreams without fear."

Whether you're embarking on your initial college journey or returning for the concluding semester before graduation, it's likely that concerns such as punctuality, coursework completion, and social engagements dominate your thoughts. Personal safety on campus might not be high on your priority list or may not have crossed your mind.

The campus environment, surrounded by peers of similar age and characteristics, can create a deceptive sense of security. It's crucial to recognize that individuals with ill intentions exist in every demographic. Being prepared for potential threats is essential. Here are eight safety guidelines for college students committed to maintaining vigilance.

Phone Usage:

Ensure your phone is charged for emergencies, but avoid constantly burying your face in it. Stay aware of your surroundings to detect any changes that may indicate potential danger. The “DO NOT DISTURB” is a great feature, use it. 

Familiarize Yourself with the Campus: 

Prioritize learning the layout of the campus. In case of trouble, knowing escape routes and locations to seek help is vital. Identify emergency call buttons and keep your emergency contact information easily accessible.

Securing Your Dorm:

Always lock your dorm door when you're away, alone, or sleeping. This practice not only protects your belongings but also enhances your personal safety. There are specific devices that are great for dorm rooms, some slide under the door while others hand on the handle, if it detects movement it emits a loud continuous sound.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night:

If you must traverse the campus after dark, walk with a friend or contact campus security for an escort. They are there to ensure the safety of students. Carry your personal safety items with you at all times.

Socialize Wisely:

Avoid being the lone attendee at a party. Always accompany someone you know and trust. Refrain from staying behind with strangers after your friend leaves. 

Responsible Drinking/Partying:

Maintain control over yourself and your surroundings while drinking or partying. Avoid reaching a point where you lose awareness and control. NEVER leave your drink unattended. Consider a drink cover, these are great, they are like a scrunchy, they cover the top of your glass so no one can put anything in your drink, and they even have a hole for your straw.

Personal Protection Devices (PPD):

Consider carrying personal protection devices like pepper spray, a personal alarm, a knife, a taser, etc. There are a great deal of choices to choose from, just make sure you get the proper training on any devices you choose to carry and know the law regarding such devices.


Despite the time demands of college life, prioritize self-care. Eating well, staying fit, and taking breaks contribute to overall well-being, ensuring you remain healthy and alert in potentially dangerous situations.

Your college years are often considered the best of your life. By following these suggested safety tips, you can enhance the positivity and security of your college experience.

Until next time, keep your head on a swivel and always think one step ahead...

In Gratitude,


Remember, You are more powerful than

the danger that you fear.


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