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Safety Tips While Walking, Jogging, Biking, Running & Hiking

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

With a few simple suggestions you can make your next adventure safer

Everyone gets knocked down. Champions get up.

Safety on the trail...

Ladies, your safety is paramount. Before your next adventure consider changing some things up, when you become predictable you are more vulnerable. Being vulnerable is never a place you want to be. Be weary of strangers, it's OK to be friendly but also be cautious at the same time. You really do not need to be so nice and trusting of complete strangers. There is a healthy balance that you will find and make your own.

Unfortunately due to nature of what we do at Help Me Help Her we hear stories after stories of women who NEVER thought it would be her. You always want to make sure you are in an area that has cell phone service. The worst feeling would be needing help and not being able to get that help on it's way. Ladies, it may not be a safety issue that you need help with but a medical concern, perhaps you are hurt, lost, sick etc.

  • Carry pepper spray

  • Carry your phone

  • Take extra precaution on isolated trails/roads

  • Don’t run alone if possible

  • Change up your routine, don’t be so predictable

  • Avoid running with music, if you must only use one earbud.

  • Run facing traffic

  • Carry a knife

  • Take a dog if possible

  • Tell others your route

  • Run with confidence

  • Keep your head in the game and on a swivel

These safety suggestions are just that, suggestions to help minimize your chances of becoming a statistic. The goal is to make you a hard target. Ladies, think like a criminal for a minute. If you are looking to attack a women you will want to make your move, make it fast and cause maximum damage without being seen or getting caught. Stay one step ahead and ALWAYS have a plan B.


Ability - Opportunity - Intent

You will notice in this video a triangle, each leg of the triangle has a name. Your job is to collapse the triangle. By collapsing only one leg of the triangle you will prevent a crime from occuring.

Be leary of most and trust very few.

Be safe out there and enjoy your walk, run, hike, bike ride or jog!



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