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I am Her Slider
Because I am worth Protecting
  • Our Mission


    To EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER women through proactive personal safety and protection programs.


  • Our Vision


    To provide a nation wide global resource for women through educational seminars and lectures focused on situational awareness, proactive personal safety programs, and self-defense.


    To advocate women helping other women to attain empowerment through education and encouragement and to increase safety awareness, confidence, and competence in escalating situations.


    To strive to earn the trust of those we serve by committing to the highest standards of integrity, excellence in personal relationships, and behavior characterized by compassion.


    *HMHH is an approved 501(c)3


A Mother’s Story

In 1999 I was a woman in my thirties doing pretty well and not really thinking much about my personal safety. More…

There’s Someone to Help

Together we can join forces and make an impact for generations to come. You can join us and have your voice heard.  More…

Tell Us Your Story

Has something tragic happened to you or someone you love? Tell us your story.  More…

HMHH Needs You!

Together we can raise the funds necessary to make changes, changes that will impact families, communities and beyond.  More…